Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brooklyn, Lower East Side street art and boutiques -day 2

So day 2 started with a trip to check out some shops on the Lower East Side heres some flicks from the walk to the subway into the city.

This large mural was painted in the parking lot of a school. This is just a small portion of the work that surrounded the parking lot.

..and this dope 3-D graffiti piece was on the same block as the school..amazing detail.

Here's me repping the league leading San Antonio Spurs.

Stickers in the Lower East Side.

We were on our way to SUPREME and was wowed by a window display from a funky high heel spot called Irregular Choice. Irregular Choice is from what i gather a London company that creates some really fun and inventive womens shoes. Each shoe looked like a customized piece of art, which I can respect from a customizer standpoint. Erica was in shoe heaven, and rightly so, the shoes were fun just to look at, and the buildout of the store was whimsical and fun. The lovely Anastasia Blades who helped Erica with her precious purchase was welcoming and friendly and was excited to tell us more about the company and the culture that it came from. She was one of the most down New Yorkers we came across, and she is an amazing photographer as well. Good people.

Here's a shot of the interior of Irregular Choice.

Then we went on to peruse Supreme and was underwhelmed maybe not so much at the clothing, but lack of customer service. This seems to be somewhat trendy I guess for more well known shops, but for the life of me I have no idea why. On to the next one...

Heres some Beatles vinyl in the storefront of THE REED SPACE which was my favorite streetwear spot we dropped into. The space had some great tees, fitteds, bags, books, music, and vinyl toys. Nigo and the rest of the staff were great. The atmosphere was comfortable and they had great products-like some great silver rings of MPC's and Studio Monitors...sweet. I scooped a Mike Tyson tee, Erica a bag, and then we traversed.

On the walk , noticed this dope monopoly man on the 1's and 2's...respect.

Sweet hat press in some cool hat shop we stopped in, cant remember the name. I almost scooped a hat there, but my head was too big for the styles I liked.

Heres THE NEW MUSEUM which unfortunatley was closed the day we came across it. Awesome architecture.

Then we came across the coolest toy store I'd ever been in. TOY TOKYO kicked ass. The store was pacjked with the most rare and awesome vinyl toys produced. The stff was cool as ice, and let us take pics of everything but a huge KAWS collection they have behind a second set of doors...ballers only. We happily scooped up an Eric Scarecrow shogun girl and toured the store like it was a museum.

TOY TOKYO in all its awesomeness.

mini bearbricks

lots of Kaws toys everywhere.

These huge bearbricks were the bees knees.

These are for the sneakerhead toys.

A great selection of Ron English toys were readily available also. On a sidenote -see if you can see one of our stickers on this picture from his website of Art Basel . Seems like our stickers are getting around, thanks to all our supporters.

These Kaws tweety toys almost came home with us...except that we would have had to starve for the rest of the trip so we opted against them.

That supersized Ron English Ronald McDonald is nuts, as was the KAWS disected joint.

Lovely Fafi character, we have this one on our radar.

After leaving Toy Tokyo we decided to check out another vinyl toy store being that it was in the vicinity. My Plastic Heart had some decent picks, but they fell victim to the "to cool to say hi" disease, which is imperative when there is noone else in the shop, anyways- threw them the deuce-no scoops there.
We then caught the subway to the city so we could check out FAO SCHWARZ maybe the most known toy store in NY. It was pretty awesome, wish I had been there when i was little, but hey, it was still pretty cool.

Heres one of probably 4 or 5 huge toy soldiers made up of jelly beans....like whoah.

Heres Erica holding it down with her homie Lego Chewbacca.

..and me with my standing next to a rapper pose...except this time the rapper was a kick ass lego storm trooper.

Ah yes, and perhaps the most fun of the day goes to creating our own muppets. You pretty much got to choose your body, eyes, nose, hair, accessories, and clothes, and then muppet makers glue and stitch them together right in front of you as you wait..this was uber awesome. The above pic was Erica's first concept...it changed, and became what you see below.

MOFOZ MUPPETZ ...whatchyouknowboutthat?

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